Email Marketing
It might be time to join in.

You are probably receiving emails on a daily basis from a store you or a family member shops. These emails can sometime become annoying but for some reason we opt to keep receiving them for fear that we might miss some special discount or offer. Hmmm? Could this be the same reason a customer of your store would be looking to receive emails from you?

Email marketing can be very effective and very inexpensive. Be aware that the CANN/SPAM laws prohibit sending emails to a random list of consumers. Addresses on your email list must contain customers that "opt in" to receive your emails. Even though these laws can limit who you have on your list, be confident that the people on your list are truly interested in your business and the products and services you have to offer.

Our client websites have been very successful in building an email list of prospective customers. We accomplish this through the website by giving an incentive to sign up. This incentive can be a simple "Join Our Club" or a coupon with a minimum purchase amount. Dealers have been very successful with the website coupon offer. It accomplishes two things... one, it gives an incentive to sign up for the email list and two, it gives the prospective customer a reason to shop your store. If you are not already doing so, have your staff develop the habit of asking customers for their email address. This is a great way to increase the size of your list. Promise them that you will never sell or distribute their email address. Your email list is as important as your traditional mailing list.

For most of our clients, your email list has grown to a size big enough to make its use a very effective and low cost way to advertise. JGi Internet Marketing can create these emails for you or give you the ability to create your own emails. If you would like more information on email marketing, send an email to

by Jack Gilberg
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